Top 4 Benefits of AMP for Your Website

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Over the last decade, the number of mobile owners has increased many folds. Now more and more people are dependent on their mobiles to the point that they prefer having their cell phones along instead of a laptop which is also considerably portable device. With the increase in the digits of mobile owners, more and more website traffic now originate from mobile internet browsers and apps. The earlier days of mobile internet made for a very slow and sluggish experience. This is the reason why AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) was introduced. It is a new element in programming languages such as HTML that helps improve the speed of web pages opened through a mobile browser. Pages with AMP technology open 85% faster compared to the websites that don’t have AMP incorporated in them. AMP reduces load times and accelerates web page element execution by restricting codes.

Let us discuss 4 Such benefits of AMP for your website.

Benefit 1): Speed: Speed plays an important factor in overall web browsing experience for everyone. slow and sluggish web pages that take an eternity to load up cause people to lose interest and eventually quit on waiting partly owing to the short attention span of the generation today. If you own a business, It is a must that you deploy AMP on your website. The lack of fast loading pages may cause an impatient potential customer to give up easily.

Benefit 2): Better Accessibility: This benefit is also closely linked with faster speed but a little different. As discussed before, the generation of today has a smaller attention span to that of a fish. If you own an online shopping portal, it is imperative that you have your products show up fast and easily for the customer to choose and buy. AMP helps make your web page more accessible to the potential customer as listings display faster. Think of it this way, you go out on a shopping spree to the local mall and things keep bumping into you while you are pushing your cart around. It will slow down the entire shopping experience and might cause you to visit a different mall instead.

Benefit 3): Ad support: Accelerated mobile pages technology is dedicatedly working on having ads load up faster on web pages as well. If you happen to have a website business that promotes online business via advertising, having your website equipped with AMP will encourage more and more companies to want to invest in advertising ventures with you

Benefit 4): Helping your website rank better on search engines: Although AMP alone might not be the reason for better SEO results. However, faster loading times help search engines read your content faster and thus cause it to show up higher on search engine results.

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