The concept of SSL and TLS have gained a lot of reputation over the last few years and that is because of the benefits of having a secured and protected set of online activities. Both SSL and TLS are the cryptographic protocols where the TLS is more recent and is much more advanced in terms of providing the safe and secured online experience.

On the web, the difference can be easily seen where the secured website has an extra ‘S’ at the end of HTTP whereas the unsecured web portal lacks the same. There are several aspects of the technical implementation of the same that makes sense in utilizing the added socket layer of protection to the website.

Everything you have in your website which includes but is not limited to the content, images, videos, and maps have some role in defining the overall level of the optimization that the website has. It is also true that the added security layer also affect the optimization segment. Here are few of the facts that stand true when it comes to the impact of having the protected site for SEO purpose:

  1. The HTTPs has been in the list of Google’s ranking algorithm since the year 2014 and it is then true that the added security layer does impact the SEO. Thus, improving the website ranking to a great extent.
  2. The HTTPs sites are loaded way faster in comparison to the simple websites and for a better SEO, the website should be fast and open without taking much time.
  3. There are several studies that have suggested that the secured websites respond quickly to the optimization attempts and they also have better optimization results.
  4. Google has made an official statement confirming that they are working towards making the Internet safe by default.

Based on the aforementioned points, it can be rightly said that the websites that are secured are more promising when it comes to the optimization.

There are several other benefits of having a secured website, few of the most important benefits are as follows:

  1. Security: There are several types of online attacks that may be launched when it comes to the compromised networks but switching to HTTPs will significantly reduce any such threat and provide an amazing experience of working in a safe online world.
  2. Increased Sales: There is a direct relation between the security of the website and the rate of conversion. Unsecured websites are not prioritized by the customers and they are also not willing to share their details or make any purchase from such websites and hence, the impact is directly on the sales.
  3. Gaining Customer Confidence: As earlier stated, unsecured websites have a direct connection to the confidence level the customer may have with your brand. Organizations significantly emphasize on taking steps to ensure that the customers trust their brand and hence, having a secured website should be a starting step as well.
  4. HTTPs is the future: HTTPs is surely going to be the future of the security of the Internet and that is why organizations are willing to have a digital tool that is aligned with the future implications.

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