Best URL Shorteners Other Than Google URL Shortener


Who likes reading or typing down lengthy website addresses or links? Nobody has the time and
memory power to write down This is
where URL shorteners come into play. URL shorteners help to take in lengthy website addresses
and convert them into tiny links for people to either memorize easily or help them save time
when typing it into the browser. Depending on your taste, a link as long as 20 words can be
brought down to a mere 5 or 6 words with the help of such shorteners. We are all well aware
of the link shortening service offered by Google. But there are other websites and e-services as
well that offer the same functionality and convenience.

Here are 3 URL shorteners you can use other than google URL shortener –

1. Bitly: Bitly is one of the best link shortening tools out there on the internet today, Believe it
or not but the length and look of your link may vastly affect the customer experience. Bitly can
not only shorten your link but offers analytics services as well to keep track of the clicks. You
can easily shorten links to your mobile pages, apps or social networking handles and bitly will
wisely carry your customer to the respective destination. Bitly has been trusted by big
companies such as McDonald’s and Dunkin’ donoughts. You can easily sign up for Bitly using
your Gmail ID or Facebook.

2. provides yet another amazing URL shortening service. TinyURL
allows you to customize the last few characters of the URL to be generated. This helps you to
stay consistent with your branding. If you are someone who shortens links often, TinyURL is
definitely the right option for you as TinyURL can be added and embedded directly on to your
browser so you do not need to go visit the website each time you need to shorten a link. The
service is absolutely free. You never have to worry about broken links as the links shortened
with the help of TinyURL will never expire.

3. IS.GD: IS.GD offers a very fast link shortening service. You can shorten your link just by
bookmarking it and IS.GD will do the rest. It also offers QR code service where your link can be
printed on a QR code. This QR code can be added on your business card on your website. This is
a very useful feature as most smartphones today have the ability to read QR codes. Scanning
the QR code on your business card will direct them directly to your link. The links shortened
with IS.GD never expire and can be customized to fit your branding image.

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