Digital Marketing can be referred to as the process of promoting the products, services, organization, or an individual over the internet through a channelized strategy. In the Digital marketing, strategic use and implementation of all the social and digital channels are ensured to promote the product and services and enhance its outreach and ensure that it reaches out to its targeted consumers.

People these days are more inclined towards the concept of digital marketing and prefer to invest in electronic marketing in comparison to traditional marketing. There are numerous benefits of digital marketing and these benefits also includes the fact that it is a way more cost-effective solution for those who are looking for a better marketing in smaller investment.

The journey of the evolution and expansion of the concept of Digital Marketing is also very inspiring and interesting. The term, Digital marketing was firstly used in the 1990s. It was the web 1.0 platform that allowed the users to find the information that they wanted but there was no option to share that information. In the year 1993, HotWired purchased a few ads and this was the starting of the new era which is now known as Digital Marketing.

In the year 1994, several new technologies were trying to penetrate the market and in the same year, Yahoo started and it is said that Yahoo received over a million hits in its first year and since then, the journey has been always unstoppable. As the number of users began to expand, the evolution of several networks like search engines, e-commerce websites, and other marketing solutions were omnipresent.

One may rightly say that the journey of this evolution is still ongoing and this journey will prevail for quite long as there is no barrier to the innovation in the field of technology and the Internet. Several new features like AdSense, AdWords, PayPerClick, and email campaigns have given the opportunity to the users to have a great audience and potential consumers.

An activity of storing the Digital Information which was relevant to specific users became the future of marketing which is now known as the Big Data. It is a great achievement of the technology that Big Data has now made it possible to track the behaviors of the human tendency and their preferences. This is the future of marketing as we are currently in an era of data-driven marketing.

The evolution of technology is continuous and it is better for our organization if we can stay ahead in the race with the incorporation of the technical alternatives in our work.

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