SEO (Search engine optimization) has also been a boon in boosting site visit digits to new levels. From blogs to websites to videos and more, Proper Search engine optimization will help spread your word across the web. Depending on the need and demand, various SEO tools may be deployed for the most effective forms of SEO marketing. The Backlink is one such important SEO tool that helps bring in more traffic to your website.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are basically links from external domains that connect pages of your domain to theirs. On the wider prospect, your backlink profile consists of all the backlinks on other domains that connect to your page helping you generate more traffic from the relevant target audience.

Backlinks can exist on a single domain or might be referred in from multiple other domains. This is a common practice and works more efficiently if your page holds relevance or references to the referrer domain’s own content. And this is how backlinks function i.e.: By connecting relevant content from one major domain to the other thus promoting an ecosystem of interlinking content.

Now that we have a clear Idea of what backlinks are, let us see how quality backlinks are important in effective Search engine optimization:

In the world of search engine optimization, quality linking via backlinks are imperative for effective back-linking as you would want your website to only connect with other websites that hold relevant information. For example, if your website sells health supplements, you would seek to connect your website with websites that work closely with relevant industries such as websites that sell workout equipment or a website owned by a chain of gyms.

Linking your domain with domains that aim at providing services or products that have nothing to do with yours will lead to an ineffective and bad backlink profile as there would be a large disconnect between the audience of the referring domain and yours eventually causing you to remarkably lose website traffic. For example, you would be defeating the purpose of backlinks to your website that deals with selling video games if you wish to direct traffic from a website that is all about travel consultancy.

Quality backlinks help promote a sense of trust for your website amongst the visitors if they get linked to your domain via a domain that is already well reputed. Also. Too many backlinks from various unreliable domains can hamper the authoritative signals of your domain.

Thus, now you know why Companies spend hefty amounts of finances and time in trying to establish quality backlinks. It is also important to monitor your backlinks to ensure that they have not been truncated or diverted to other malicious websites as this may compromise your overall SEO marketing campaign.

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