Mistakes You Should Avoid When it Comes to Video Marketing

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Online marketing is an effective form of marketing and may beat traditional methods of marketing in terms of ROI and turn-outs.  Online marketing can also be broken down into various methods and modes such as Social media marketing, Blog marketing, Traditional pop-up ads marketing.

One of the most effective and impressive modes of marketing is considered to be video marketing. Video marketing when executed correctly have a stronger impact on our mind as we connect better when the combined effect of audio and visuals manipulates our minds.

Video advertising has now proven to be one of the most popular and effective modes of marketing. As human nature would tell us, we tend to get bored easily if we have too much to read or review, thus causing us to turn away if an advertisement consists of too much text or static visuals.

Video advertisements are rather more engaging and cause make advertisements seem interesting to go through. TV commercials and the tiny bits of commercials we see right before a YouTube video starts up are exemplify Video advertising.

However, it is important to note that video marketing can prove to be one of the most expensive forms of marketing as visual marketing studios work with expensive equipment and need to be compensated well for their services.

Here are Top 5 mistakes you should avoid when it comes to video marketing

Mistake 1) Quantity over quality: It is wise to invest in the content of the video to have your audience be involved into what they are watching, Long videos that confuse audience and offer very less in terms of information of the products and services of the company are deemed useless in the world of Video marketing. It is about content, not about duration.

Mistake 2.) Bad branding practices: If you have watched an advertisement but don’t remember the name of the company It is considered to be a case of bad branding, It is important to have the company’s LOGO or symbols that link to its identity be discernibly shown in an advertisement for the viewer to recognize the company better .

Mistake 3) Not Focusing on what is important: Sometimes, your viewer may find the content of your video to be boring and irrelevant. For example, your audience might lose track of what your company’s services are all about if your video emphasizes on topics such as its impressive yearly turnover instead of how its services are better than its competitors.

Mistake 4) not including a call to action: Does your video have end segments that persuade the viewer to contact the company, follow it on social media or subscribe to its YouTube channel? If not, then your potential customer might be left hanging in limbo without a sense of what to do next.

Mistake 5) Failing to fuel SEO: A good video marketing campaign is deemed best when its combined with a video with quality content and strong SEO connections. Improper keywords and bland tagging may cause your video to lose out on a lot of potential website traffic. Thus bringing your campaign to a standstill.

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