Search engine optimization (SEO) can work wonders in helping to boost traffic and visitors to your website or blog and thus, it is considered to be a very powerful form of Internet marketing. However, this is only effective when your website is designed and developed with the focus on better SEO results. Such websites should not only be visually aesthetic but be in a condition that favors the good Search engine optimization. A website may not be perfect but it is best to throw out negatives and focus on positives to rank up better than the ones in competition there are a bunch of effective processes to be deployed in the core website design.

Let us look into the checklist for SEO driven website design and development:   

At the very core level, it is most important for an SEO friendly site to help search engine websites easily understand and crawl through its contents thus ensuring the website to be listed and ranked well in the search results.

There are a few other fundamental elements that set the scopes for a well-optimized SEO friendly website

Element 1: Domains

Your website may have many subdomains but it is imperative for the backlinks or the search engine links to connect directly to the primary domain to avert confusion. Having your sort of service or product infused into the domain name itself (for example might help to an extent but linking your website to its primary domain name is definitely a top concern while building websites that are SEO Friendly.

Element 2: Hosting

Finding a reliable and fast hosting makes for a great customer experience thus helping you connect faster with other domains and search engines. Be situated too near where your audience is. For example, the WP engine works as an effective platform in connecting WordPress based websites.



The CMS (better known as the content management system) heavily affects how well your Search engine optimization will work, WordPress being one of the best options for CMS, however, there are many such alternatives. Proper CMS helps google read and understand your website better thus helping such search engines list and rank your website better, it is not considered best for every situation but certainly, it’s a good point of start for most business and websites. It is important to ensure that the CMS you choose is best suited to your kind of situation instead of opting to work with the one your web company offers.

Other elements such as crawling and accessibility, proper indexing and link structures also play a vital role in determining how well your SEO will function. But for the most part, it is important to focus the website design on strengthening the core elements that aid SEO instead of trying to push it all into beautifying the website.

Search Engine Optimization for the website development and designing is an intrinsic element that should be of immense priority and our team at Digital Hangover is proficient in the entire cycle of the website’s development and the optimization.

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