UI and UX refer to User Interface Design and User experience respectively, both these elements of
website design vastly affects your website’s functionality and visitor’s browsing satisfaction.

Here is why UI/UX factor is important for your website:

Content becomes easy to read.
You must already be aware of the fact that search engines pick up websites easily when the
content is easily readable or accessible. Proper readability will also help you bring in more
readers for the site. The concept lies in meticulously placing keywords in the core of the
website’s User interface Design that is relevant to the website. The other factor to keep in mind
is that the font used for the interface should be clean and easy to read for both normal people
and the visually impaired. When websites are made hurriedly to please aesthetics, readers
often tend to lose out on reading the key points. This would also cause the website to score low
when it comes to the SERP

Will help you Boost Interactions with Users.
The main motive of building a website for a company would be to reach out to more and more
people through the internet. This cannot be placed into full effectiveness unless the business
owner is also contributing. Adding comments section or review sections on your webpage’s
design will help the company interact better with its customers or users. This helps the
company where they are lacking out and will learn how to serve them better.

Gives clarity to your vision.
Before building a website, you must have a vision or aim in mind, without which your website
itself would lack a reason to exist. It could be a website to help boost sales or it could be a
website to connect better with the users. Nonetheless, UI and UX pay an integral role in how
well your website is going to perform. The UI helps to reach out and spread the message with
the help of content and images. While the UX helps your reader or user connect with you

If you want some good UI/UX related Ideas, first put yourself in the shoes of the user so you
would know exactly what you want and how much you would want of it.

Helps Website Navigation.
One important feature of a good User interface is good webpage navigation when a user visits
your site, he or she will expect to browse different sections and pages of your website without
hassle. This is why smooth swipes and slow loading speed are both important. Users tend to get
bored and give up when webpages take too long to load. Websites are also suggested to have a
search box embedded in every webpage so that the user can easily search and find the content
he or she came for.


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