There are many platforms and reasons for a business owner to promote their company. Advertisements
help spread awareness about the product and services that a company has to offer. Proper advertising
helps a company grow and win that extra edge over their competitors. Advertisements can be done via
TV in form of commercials. Other forms of advertisements include billboards and newspaper ads etc. In
the last decade, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter gained popularity in leaps and
bounds due to the fact that now from people of all ages and demographics are on one or the other kind
of social media. This trend brought along a new tool of marketing called social media marketing. Social
media marketing which is a form of digital helps companies by launch online ad campaigns and build
better relationships with their client base.

Let us discuss 10 reasons why you should promote your business on social media.

Reason 1.) It is cost-effective: Most modes of advertising may cause you to spend heavily on marketing
campaigns. To the contrary, Advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and
Instagram help companies reach a wide and open audience reach at very reasonable prices.

Reason 2.) Customized Advertising: Unlike most other modes of advertising. Advertising on social media
will provide you with the flexibility of being able to filter out and specify on your target audience so your
campaigns are only visible to the kind of age, gender and demographic preferences you set for it.

Reason 3.) A Bigger Reach: Advertising via newspapers or billboards might get you the attention of only
local people, whereas advertising on social media can help you garner international attention as the
world is a global marketplace. Your business account on the social media represents your electronic

Reason 4.) A better relationship with your customers: consumers usually consider the process of
reaching out to a company to be a very tedious one thus instilling a sense of insecurity among them. This
problem is solved when a company opens up its own social media accounts for its customers to reach
out to it to help solve grievances or requests.

Reason 5.) Boosted by SEO: having proper and quality content posted on your social media accounts will
help Search engines track down people who have searched for products or services that your company
has to offer.

Reason 6.) More eyes on your company: Creating a discernible identity of a company on multiple social
media sites help people recognize the brand better this serving as free publicity.

Reason 7.) Can be outsourced: If you are too busy and are not able to give time into your company’s
social media management. Digital marketing agencies would do all that for you.

Reason 8.) You get to understand your audience better: social media platforms come with analytics tools
that help you know people of what age, gender, and country are vastly interested in your products. Thus
helping you make better-informed decisions for your next ad campaign.

Reason 9.) That extra edge: A local business having its own social media account is known to be more
popular than a local business without it.

Reason 10.) Flexibility: Advertising campaigns on social media offer immense flexibility so you are able
to fix your budget, duration and reach. Thus, your advertising experience will be tailor-made.

Digital Hangover encourage the clients to come up with their customized requirements and our adept team will then
take up the task and streamline the optimization process to deliver the best of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience to the clients.

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