Media Buying – Procuring the Media

Digital Hangover excels in the acquisition of the media tools at the most advantageous timeslots through the strategic process of negotiating and purchasing ad placements. We follow the standard procedure of identifying the right target, analyzing the objectives, formulating the strategies, and executing the plan.


Digital Hangover maintain strong relationships with standard channel owners and representatives of different media alternatives. Our associates at the media houses help us in figuring out the best way to design the most effective media plans.


Our Research & Development team analyze the best venues and media trends before running any sort of campaigns. Understanding the best industry practices is an integral part of the entire event and we leave no stone unturned to ensure the incorporation of best strategic tools for the benefit of our clients.


Once the venue and timing of the ad are finalized, the next important part is to negotiate the fair prices. For hefty advertising budget, television broadcasting is the best alternative but if the constraint is of a limited budget, other options like local newspapers, magazines, and television stations are befitting.

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